Our CAS Participants 

We are very happy to welcome 15 students who joined Share&Care Oxford in April 2021. Eight of these students are from the IB2 cohort: Edgar Schäff, John Bannerman, Sebastiano Cuniberti, Francesco Reali, Ludovica Gritti,  Johannes Gostner, Desiderio Zoncada and Janek Radwan. We also have six new students from the IB1 cohort: Gabriel Ponza, Chiara Rizzuto, Maya Christophers Salgado, Daniella Rivas Mier, Ksenia Mekhonoshina and Arthur Bailey. We also have one student from the Pre-IB cohort: Lara Finkbeiner. We look forward to working together with the new students to continue to support the homeless living in Oxford.