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We are very happy to welcome 12 new students who joined Share&Care Oxford in September 2020. Four of these students are from the IB2 cohort: Anna Horton, Grace Ford, Felicitas Müller and Jan Henzelmann. You can read more about them below. We also have seven new students from the IB1 cohort: Anna Viehhauser, Edgar Schäff, Elizabete Jeremejeva, Imogen Young, Nerea Zozaya Aguado, Shaneh Clark and Silvia Sanchez-Arias. Lastly, we have 1 new student from the Pre-IB cohort: Aidana Maidanova. We look forward to working with the new students. 

Anna Horton

I have lived in Oxford since I was six years old and am now a student at an international school near the centre. Having grown up here for the majority of my life the homeless people in Oxford became familiar faces. Therefore, when faced with the opportunity to become a part of this effort to tackle homelessness, I jumped at the opportunity. I look forward to seeing and contributing to the change alongside the Share & Care Team.

felicitas müller

I came to Oxford to study at St. Clare’s in January 2019. I’m from Germany and have previously lived in Brazil, India and China. Especially in India, I have witnessed a lot of poverty; I wanted to help, but was too young then to do anything sustainable. In China, I engaged in a charity that helps to pay for the treatment of sick children and I experienced how rewarding this kind of work can be. When I came to Oxford I was quite shocked seeing so many homeless people in the city. I knew that I had to do something, so I was very excited when I learned about the Share & Care initiative and the chance to become part of it. I’m looking forward to the work we will do and hope to make a difference by helping as many people as I can.

Grace Ford

Living locally for many years and studying in Oxford, I have frequently encountered rough sleepers and those asking for money. However, this was always in the knowledge that I couldn’t make a significant change to help their situations. I have worked previously with charities such as Crisis and Compassion seeing the action taken to improve social welfare yet never the direct impacts. Being part of the Share and Care team gives me the chance to change this putting a smile of people’s faces and promoting a better sustainable quality of life in our local community.

Jan henzelmann

The warmth and comfort of your own four walls is something you may only start to appreciate once you are far away from it. As an international student living abroad in a boarding school I'm aware that the feeling of homesickness can come creeping in every now and then and I am sure every other boarding student would agree (if they don't, they're lying). Imagining that there are people out there in the streets that don't even long for that certain homely feeling anymore but are rather desperate just for a roof to keep them dry made me realise that homelessness is an incredible issue on the rise that I'd like to try and help tackle. Every single good deed counts, and together with the Share & Care Team, I'm happy that I can pay my contribution to the deprived and disadvantaged.

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