Marc Finkbeiner

Former Managing Director & Founder

From 2018 to 2021, I was a student at St Clare's Oxford. I am a native German and come from a town near Frankfurt. When I first went to the city centre of Oxford, I was shocked to see how many homeless people there were. As Frankfurt is also known for this major problem, I knew that I wanted to do something about it. However, at the beginning it was hard for me as a foreigner, who was new in the city and did not know any of the locals, to undertake an initiative. So I decided to develop the idea further before taking any action. All of a sudden one evening, when my friends and I were cooking in our kitchen, we saw a stock of drinks and snacks there. That led us to come up with the idea to walk through Oxford on a Sunday to distribute those. The happiness of the homeless people upon receiving the donations touched me, which made me decide to turn this into a weekly initiative. Since then, Share&Care has started to work as a team and I am confident that together we can tackle the rising issue of homelessness in Oxford.

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Former Operations Director


I am an international student here at Oxford from Bangladesh. Having come to Oxford in August 2019, I met Marc, Marius and Amelie as my fellow students, and we bonded over time. After hearing about their initiative about the homeless people in Oxford, I was extremely intrigued to join them as I could relate to the homelessness issue on a larger scale. There are a lot of homeless people in Bangladesh, and especially in Dhaka, where I live as the living expenses are often too high for poorer people to afford. Back home, my father organises a lot of events to raise money for these people, and hence I have quite good of an idea about this issue. I have accompanied and helped my father in a lot of these events. Hence, I believe that my addition to the trio of Marc, Marius and Amelie brought a new perspective to the group. From the weekly donation activity, we enlarged the dimension of it, and started Share & Care. By witnessing the suffering of the homeless people in Oxford, I feel a strong urge to help these people in need, and to spearhead the change of the current situation.

Marius Roos

Former Finance Director

I’m a native German and currently an international student in Oxford. In 2019, a group of friends and me initiated Share & Care as we began to realize the magnitude of the problem around homelessness in Oxford. Seeing the shocking number of homeless people on the streets of Oxford got me thinking about the causes of the situation and ways in which these people could be helped. I previously had some experience with homeless people as I met a couple of them every day on my way to and back from school. Engaging in conversations made me understand the complexity of their circumstances and the degree of mental distress that comes with being homeless. Following this experience, I felt a lot of sympathy for homeless people and made an effort to help them with little things such as buying food or donating money. Nevertheless, I didn’t see an opportunity for myself to tackle this issue on a greater scale. This started to change when we noticed the considerable number of snacks and drinks that we had accumulated and decided to distribute them to the rough sleepers around Oxford. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces lead us to decide that this can’t be a one-off event but that we want to continue and expand our efforts to help the homeless community. Ever since then, we have been growing to ‘Share & Care’ as it is today and managed to tackle the issue of homelessness on various fronts. I am optimistic that this is only the start and Share & Care will grow into an even more impactful organization in the future. I am motivated to work for Share & Care to tackle this issue on a larger scale and drive the change of the current situation. 

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Jan henzelmann

Former Marketing Director

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The warmth and comfort of your own four walls is something you may only start to appreciate once you are far away from it. As an international student living abroad in a boarding school I'm aware that the feeling of homesickness can come creeping in every now and then and I am sure every other boarding student would agree (if they don't, they're lying). Imagining that there are people out there in the streets that don't even long for that certain homely feeling anymore but are rather desperate just for a roof to keep them dry made me realise that homelessness is an incredible issue on the rise that I'd like to try and help tackle. Every single good deed counts, and together with the Share & Care Team, I'm happy that I can pay my contribution to the deprived and disadvantaged.

Amelie Boyer


When I first came to Oxford from Austria I was overwhelmed with the number of people on the streets. I started talking to some in 2019 and quickly realised the magnitude of this issue. The horrible stories people that seemed to hardly be older than me broke my heart.  I couldn’t stop thinking that this could be me or any of my friends and can happen to anyone. After we had started Share and Care we attended a lecture to understand the legal and societal obstacles individuals face better as we started getting in touch with other individuals and organisations tackling the same problem. We focused on establishing an ongoing cooperation with Crisis national charity to take our efforts to a new level and reach more people. I am committed to do everything within my power to help those in need and create change. I am so grateful for the great team members we have and every single person supporting this cause.

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