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Marc Finkbeiner

Managing Director & Founder

Since August 2018 I am an international student in Oxford. I am a native German and come from a town near Frankfurt. When I first went to the city centre of Oxford, I was shocked to see how many homeless people there are. As Frankfurt is also known for this major problem, I knew that I wanted to do something about it. However, at the beginning it was hard for me as a foreigner, who was new in the city and did not know any of the locals, to undertake an initiative. So I decided to develop the idea further before taking any action. All of a sudden one evening, when my friends and I were cooking in our kitchen, we saw a stock of drinks and snacks there. That lead us to come up with the idea to walk through Oxford on a Sunday to distribute those. The happiness of the homeless people upon receiving the donations touched me, which made me decide to turn this into a weekly initiative. Since then we have started to work together as a team and we are actively supported by our Vice Principal, Pastoral. I am now looking forward to develop new ideas and projects with the team and do my best to help the homeless community. 


operations Director

I am an international student here at Oxford from Bangladesh. Having come to Oxford in August 2019, I met Marc, Marius and Amelie as my fellow students, and we bonded over time. After hearing about their initiative about the homeless people in Oxford, I was extremely intrigued to join them as I could relate to the homelessness issue on a larger scale. There are a lot of homeless people in Bangladesh, and especially in Dhaka, where I live as the living expenses are often too high for poorer people to afford. Back home, my father organises a lot of events to raise money for these people, and hence I have quite good of an idea about this issue. I have accompanied and helped my father in a lot of these events. Hence, I believe that my addition to the trio of Marc, Marius and Amelie brought a new perspective to the group. From the weekly donation activity, we enlarged the dimension of it, and started Share & Care. By witnessing the suffering of the homeless people in Oxford, I feel a strong urge to help these people in need, and to spearhead the change of the current situation.

Marius Roos

Finance Director

I’m a 17-year-old native german and currently and international student in Oxford. A few months ago a group of friends and me initiated share and care as we’ve noticed the rising issue of homelessness in Oxford. I previously had some experience with homeless people and in particularly one involving the organisation of a trip back home for a homeless women my dad and me got to know in my hometown back in german. Hence, I understand the desperate situation these people are in. Nevertheless, I didn’t think that I could help to actively fight the issue. However, after seeing the significantly more extreme situation in Oxford we thought that we had to do something and also to give something back to the great community we’re living in. The initial idea of distributing drinks and snacks on a small scale then developed into Share&Care and I am motivated to work in order to fight this issue on a larger scale and achieve actual improvements!

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